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WinXP Tweaks

Posted By: Moffesto

WinXP Tweaks - 12/04/02 04:03 AM

Ok, i've been running xp for a while and ppl tell me if tweaked it can perform just as good as 98... i dunno if its true or not but i was just wondering what i could to improve winxp.
Posted By: Mornse

Re: WinXP Tweaks - 12/04/02 07:09 AM

I don't think there is much to improve on XP, it's better than 98 in my opinion. Some people don't like the fancy GUI and so on, so they stick with windows 2000, which is also a great OS. But XP should run better than 98, it does in my opinion at least.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: WinXP Tweaks - 12/04/02 07:54 AM

XP runs a lot better than 98. My top uptime on XP: 4 1/2 months.

Just tweak the UI and make it look like 2000 or 98. It handles memory a LOT better than 98 does with the stability of 2000.

What all are you planning on doing?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: WinXP Tweaks - 12/04/02 03:14 PM

[07:12] <@Gizmo> OS: [Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 1 (5.1 - 2600)]
[07:13] <@Gizmo> Up-time: [3d 13h 56m 32s]
[07:13] <@Gizmo> CPU: [1-Intel Pentium 4, 1595MHz, 512KB (100% Load)]
[07:13] <@Gizmo> Memory: [Usage: 157/256MB (61.33%)]
[07:13] <@Gizmo> Screen Resolution: [1400x1050 32bit 60Hz]
[07:13] <@Gizmo> GFX: [Mobility Radeon 7500]
[07:13] <@Gizmo> Network Interfaces: [#1 (3Com 3C920 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller (3C905C-TX Compatible) - Packet Scheduler Miniport (100Mb/s) 536.03MB In, 43.57MB Out) #2(WAN (PPP/SLIP) Interface (36Kb/s) 8.88MB In, 0.70MB Out)]
[07:13] <@Gizmo> Disk Capacity: [C:\ (15.66GB Free, 27.93GB Total)]
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