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Posted By: Javi

Hola. - 07/26/05 12:51 PM

Yeah. Uh.. Hi?

I've been intrestedd in this hacking / programming stuff. Things like that. Whether it be white hat or black hat, making my own upgrades for programs or whatever. Though, I'm super uber 1337 nubletmeister at it. <.<

You know those people on Diablo who're level 99 with all these amazingly rare items, gotten completely legit.

I'm like that kid who can't figure out how to install his game. ¬¬

So... Hiya. ^-^
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Hola. - 07/26/05 02:21 PM

LOL I like you, you just made me laugh. Welcome to the site, but this should be in off topic. I will move it for you.
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