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odometer?????? help!!

Posted By: hunter69

odometer?????? help!! - 07/22/02 01:45 PM

hey guys

i am looking for someone who could give me some help or advise on how to back up digital odometers

i can do the analoge (anyone can, i know)
i know the info is out there cause i can get it done for 800.00 but that is way to steep, i want to be able to do it myself!!

please help!! <img border="0" alt="[[censored]]" title="" src="graemlins/[censored].gif" />
Posted By: Curse

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/22/02 05:25 PM

Like for a bicycle?
Posted By: hunter69

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/22/02 05:30 PM


geuss i should have been more precise!

i ment like the digital odometers u find in cars nowadays!
Posted By: -=Toxic Wazte=-

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/22/02 07:04 PM

i smell a cheat coming along...are you trying to sell a car..and say it has less, what a scam...but cant really help you there
Posted By: Scallion

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/22/02 07:47 PM

Hey, how about make and model of the digital odometer, possibly what kind of connection it has to the car, actual details rather than just "it's attached to my car" -- do you tell the engine repairman "oh, i have a car engine"?
Posted By: dashocker

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/22/02 08:46 PM

ja, question? why would u go through the trouble of joining a comp/security UBB that u are never going to post at again just to ask some question about an odometer? next time, try finding a site about cars to ask this sort of a question, and try using proper grammar also. and if u are into comps and security and whatnot and plan on posting here again, disregard those first 3 or so sentences <img border="0" alt="[Thumb]" title="" src="graemlins/thumb.gif" />
Posted By: hunter69

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/22/02 09:11 PM

first of all yes i am planning on posting here again.
second, i AM a mechanic so the motor question goes unreplied.
third, i hack sattelite systems ussually and then figured if you can use an iso programmer to program a smart card you can probably program any eeprom (which is what holds your mileage in memory)
fourth i am (thanks to my uncle) a part time locksmith so can be very helpful with certain questions. which is why i plan on posting again!
and lastly the reason i didn't say what kind of chip how it connects to car etc. is because they r all BASICLY the same,there r products out there to "recalibrate" your odometer it is just that most of the ones i have found are all way over 3000.00 which is way to much money for what could in a way be considered a freak.(i know it aint the phone but you get the idea) and i also know that anyone who could help with what i was looking for would have known model doesn't really matter!!
if someone asked about sattelites you tell them this and that for dtv or such and such for dish/bev.
this is basicly the same thing use such and such and for certain model add a certain jumper!!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/22/02 10:13 PM

jack yoru car up and put yrou car on bricks, then grab a brick and put your car in reverse for about 3 hours lol...

can anyone say ferris buler?
Posted By: Le4rner

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/22/02 11:19 PM

I know a guy who dose this all the time for his uncle in a south American Island.

He said down there a car with 50,000 miles is like one here with 200,000 miles. See they are on an island. And I guess many cars that end up there are stolen from here. Heh, anyway. Since they are on an island if a car has 50,000 miles on it they assue it has been driven the hell out of.

I know it can be done, but not sure exactly how. I will see if I can find him and mabey reply to you in a P/M probably will not though since it is illeagle and I do not know who you are. Yea actually I won't put myself in any risk like that.

Sorry man can't help you. <img border="0" alt="[Snooze]" title="" src="graemlins/snooze.gif" />
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/23/02 12:13 AM

haha, hunter69 just told you flamin' fools!

don't worry about dashocker, he's just a poser. wink

Welcome to the board man - you certainly do have unique knowledge (for this board anyway) which would make a great addition to the board.

Now about that lock-picking you do... heh heh... You know that trick where you twist a door lock then push up the pins until they all catch so that you can turn the lock? Well, does that still work on more modern building door locks?

I don't know [censored] about cars, but I could go search for an answer for ya? I'm pretty good at searching for info.
Posted By: hunter69

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/23/02 12:46 AM

well yes (and dont take this as a flame but that is a very simplistic way to put it) and no!!

as a said in a previouse post all depends on the brand of lock !!!

if it is a sargent forget about it they mostly use mushroom pins ..which means they have a fake shear line and a novice will never get them to line up..
electric picks r somewhat better on old locks no matter the brand the older and the more wear it has the better!! i have got old sargents to open with an electric pick faster then a new 5.00 taiwan job. but if u r new electric is what u should try..

shlage locks r the easiest to pick cause all you need is a blank schlage 6 pin key blank cut to the lowest depth all the way along then there is a little trick u do and boom it opens like a 5 dollar whore!!

and to everyone trying to help out thanks!!
as far as illegal goes wwwweeeeeellllllllll
have you guys looked at the site?
Posted By: Curse

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/23/02 02:05 AM

I think I like this guy...
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/23/02 12:01 PM

Try this link. Not sure now informative it will be:
Posted By: hunter69

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/23/02 04:29 PM

thanks bud !!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: dashocker

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/23/02 09:35 PM

actually, i couldnt really tell what in the hell he said because he needs some [censored] grammar lessons smirk
Posted By: hunter69

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/24/02 12:13 PM

perhaps u didn't understand what i said because you know absalutely nothing about the subject...
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/24/02 01:26 PM

heh, it's not the grammer. But your spelling is atrocious. wink (absalutely = absolutely) But there's plenty of people on this site who can't spell - so it's all good.

So that link gave you all you needed to know?
Posted By: hunter69

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/25/02 11:22 AM

lets just say it gave me some of what i needed. plus with a few specks on the 914 chip i should be able to figure the hexidecimal info and if i have that,,, well it is just a simple erase and rewrite to the eeprom!
Posted By: dashocker

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 07/25/02 09:41 PM

yeah, its because at first i thought u were talking about cars, then i thought it was satellite hacking or something, next ur talking about lock picking? ahhhhhhh! what are u talking about? well i probably know [censored] about that too <img border="0" alt="[Thumb]" title="" src="graemlins/thumb.gif" />
Posted By: digispeed

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 11/18/03 02:46 PM

o.k. it can be done and i can do it. wanna know more write me.
Posted By: paradox

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 11/18/03 06:00 PM

dashocker please stfu your so noooooob!!
He was counter flaming whoever thought he was really thick...
lock picking is a good skill done a few but could never get the mushroom pins :p
and satellite hacking i guess u mean satellite tv.. dont think we will see a satellite crashing into earth lol :p jsut clearing that up for myself laugh dont have sat tv over here only cable... well semi sat but it sux

And yeah the best thing u could do wud be to wire the eperom to ur computer so u can dump the data.. with this data u can look for the hex value of what is already on the odomoter store the address and play with it until you find the right formula its just like hacking a game.. it might be 32 bit hex or 64 bit just try all combos to find the number ur bound to get it wink
hope that helps for ideas. thats how i got started with magnetic card cracking.. like for security passes
Posted By: pergesu

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 11/19/03 04:01 AM

oh BlackKnight, just shut the [censored] up. You get so damn annoying calling everyone noobs.

I like this guy, wanna keep him around. I've got a lot of questions to ask soon smile As for his problem...

You're a mechanic, so where do you work? Perhaps you've got a buddy who works in a shop somewhere that has the instruments necessary. Probably something you would have done anyway, but just in case you haven't thought of it.
Posted By: dashocker

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 11/20/03 04:29 AM

Am I the only one who realizes this topic is from last summer?
Posted By: Infinite

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 11/20/03 09:15 AM

naw, I saw that too :p
Posted By: pergesu

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 11/20/03 01:54 PM

I never know...the dates of the posts don't show up for me, it sucks. So I figure that if the topic's active, it's not from a long [censored] time ago. Oh well :\
Posted By: digispeed

Re: odometer?????? help!! - 11/22/03 02:41 PM

email me [email protected]

ive got the experience and the hardware.
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