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Posted By: Red Mage

BitTorrent - 07/21/04 08:00 AM

I've been using BitTorrent recently (for perfectly legal reasons.. laugh ) and I was wondering if you guys know any good sites to get torrents. I've seen SuprNova , and that one site that adds A_KEEP_ANBU to all of their torrent (haven't been there recently). Anyone know any other good ones?
Posted By: Shinobi

Re: BitTorrent - 07/22/04 09:05 AM is a good one. There are so many out there scattered around. The best way I have found is to search google for whatever kinda torrents you are looking, and usually it comes up with a whole list or torrent search engines geared torwards whatever it is you searched for
Posted By: Rican Havock

Re: BitTorrent - 07/23/04 02:33 AM

There are a ton of Forum based Bittorent sites also like Empornium & Torrentz
here is a link to a ton of torrent sites
all catogorized by software music an movies.
Posted By: pyromaniac

Re: BitTorrent - 07/24/04 02:06 AM

wow, that url just saved me a lot of time trying to find good torrents, my day just got better
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