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dish network

Posted By: expatriate ghost

dish network - 06/14/02 07:42 PM

yeah, we got the dish network, tons of RED blocked out channels, - i'm wonderin', do you have to maintain a "basic" service package in order to use a smart card, in order to continue with your service ?
or is it a one time, got the dish, got the box, got the card, it's on like dawn...........?
Posted By: bor

Re: dish network - 06/21/02 04:42 AM

I don't know much, if anything about the subject, but I'd imagine that to save them the time of programming and sending you new cards in the mail whenever your programming package changes, whenever something happens, there may be something in the box which tells the card what to do whenever dish network contacts the box and tells it that.

Like I said though, I'm no expert on the subject, but I have a friend who knows a ton on the subject and wrote a smart card article for us in npanxx. If you want his AIM i could probably hook it up.
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: dish network - 06/22/02 05:39 AM

yes... give me his sn, i have a few questions. Do they have hacked cards for dish? Im getting rid of direct in a few weeks and ima lose all my free channels frown . Does anyone know anything on dish card hacking or if it is possible (anything is possible, what am i thinking). Where can i buy writers? thanks
Posted By: plisken

Re: dish network - 07/01/02 07:17 PM

yes they do have cards that you can put hacks on but they will only work on certian model recievers. You do not need a subscription to have a hack card active.
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: dish network - 07/10/02 09:56 PM

what models, do you know? i didnt think you would need a subscription.
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: dish network - 07/13/02 03:21 PM

damnit plisken... days are counting down till i have to switch and yet no reply wink
Posted By: PychoSamX

Re: dish network - 07/15/02 02:08 AM

I know a good bit about that sorta stuff have any questions about it IM on aim PychoSamX.
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