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Hard Drive Space

Posted By: HighLander

Hard Drive Space - 03/13/03 06:27 PM

A "6GB Hardrive" with only one partition on the drive taking up all the space, NTFS format.

2.35GB of files, folders, etc. *This includes the operating files, and hidden files.

Yet the computer reports only 1.35GB of free space and 4.65GB of used space on the drive.

Scandisk & Defrag have been run and found no errors, also up to date virus scans have also been run, finding no viruses.

By my math that means 2.30GB of space has vanished.

What could cause this to happen......????
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Hard Drive Space - 03/13/03 07:03 PM

someone interupting the format smile .
Posted By: HighLander

Re: Hard Drive Space - 03/13/03 07:17 PM

It could not be because of the format, for Two days ago it was reporting the correct free space but immediatly after installing WinXP Sp1 it changed to an incorrect report.....
Posted By: HighLander

Re: Hard Drive Space - 03/13/03 10:12 PM

Well thanx for the input Giz, but I fixed it, through alot of searching, I found that one of my files containing registry data was missing, replaced it using a log, and Boom, fixed.......laterzzz
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