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ICMP Bounce to Store Data on Wire

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ICMP Bounce to Store Data on Wire - 11/20/03 02:44 PM

I jus watched a video from Defcon X and found this very interesting. It's about storing a piece of information on the net, keepin it alive without ever being stored on a hard-drive. This of course could be usefull if you have a piece of information which you don't want anybody to find, or if you get raided you don't want the feds to find it on ur comp. The idea is pretty simple, you send icmp echo request with the data and it is bounced back to ur comp. then you would have a process running to keep bouncing this packet between different hosts without ever storing it on ur comp. This might sound useless but imagine if you jus wrote the next big worm or you have encryption keys or somethin that you don't want the feds to find on ur comp. You could keep the packet alive until ur comp is disconnected (taken in for forensic analisys). I'm wondering if anybody has more information on this. As soon as I get some time I'll try to write a program that would be able to do this. If you got any info about this let me know.
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Re: ICMP Bounce to Store Data on Wire - 11/20/03 03:01 PM

visage (shad0an) actually came up with this idea a while ago, wrote an article on it, and then within a couple weeks a number of other groups wrote similar articles. I think he's been working on writing some programs to do this.
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