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64k executable videos

Posted By: SilentRage

64k executable videos - 01/25/03 02:29 PM

I think before Gizmo took over somebody mentioned that there was this group of people making 3d video's featuring their extremely small compression algorithm and techniques. They would have all these minutes long video's and they'd be no bigger than 64 kilobytes in size. I think they even had music - but can't remember.

Well, whoever found them, could you repoint me to them? I searched for about 10 minutes on google trying different queries hoping I could find them, but couldn't.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: 64k executable videos - 01/25/03 02:37 PM

nevermind. When I said the word 'demo' above I realized I hadn't tried using 'demo' in my queries. I finally found it. Give it up for my uber searching skills.
Posted By: Nagachaak

Re: 64k executable videos - 01/25/03 11:02 PM

now this is cool...i never thought this to be possible.
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: 64k executable videos - 01/26/03 06:42 AM

My friend showed me those awhile back, I think i might have mentioned it in irc but it was probably someone else that posted it about it.

Someone said that they were probably active x controls that did all the video to make it so small. Could that be? Or are they using an ultraleet compression?
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: 64k executable videos - 01/26/03 07:01 AM

it's a combonation of things. They describe how they came up with it on that website.
Posted By: Digital Geek

Re: 64k executable videos - 01/27/03 11:39 PM

They have ASM meetings and gatherings in Finland and Sweeden every year. One of the best demos makers go there.
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