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Posted By: Gremelin

Site Rules - 02/23/05 02:18 PM

Once again, I think it's time for a reminder on some of the site rules here at UGN along with a new one. Please read them and follow them. You have been warned.

Special Note: This post is constantly edited by Gizmo and the other Admin's; not all, if any, of the contents of this post are the content of the original poster.

0. Golden Rule: Common Sense. Have common sense, if you feel it's illegal or completely stupid; chances are that it is. Any illegal/stupid posts will be immediately moved to the "BoneYard".

1. Off Topic. The off topic forum is for, you got it, off topic material. Note however that it's for conversations, not for you and the love of your life. If you have something to spark a conversation, go for it, otherwise, post it and be flamed. Note however that anything we find questionable will be removed.

2. Users are why we're all here; they make UGN Security worth being at. With the BBS being fairly real time we have to have rules.

3. We work on a 3 strikes and you're gone outlook. If you are banned you will only be allowed back in certain circumstances. We reserve the right to ban anyone, at any time, for any reason.

4. Only post only once per subject, no one likes 200 threads of the same post (or mass posters), if you mass post you will be warned.

5. Do not harass others. We are against "flame wars" if you have beef with someone take it up with them in Private Messages. You will be warned for flames.

6. Do not harass the moderators, you will be warned.

7. Do not abuse the BBS code, any exploiting of the BBS code will result in your address mask banned. This will mean that anyone using your IP mask will not be allowed here.

8. Refrain from registering more than 1 nickname. If you register more than 1 nickname you will be warned.

9. UGN is an ENGLISH ONLY server. If English is not your primary language we suggest that you start learning. Making posts in anything other than English will result in a warning.

10. Links: If you advertise your site, network, irc, service, etc your link will be removed, you will be warned and possibly thrown off the site.... We are not here for you to list your idiotic services for free, if you feel the need for advertising, purchase it. You can link to resources IF ASKED in a post.

11. ALL CAPS POSTS: First, take your caps lock off, no one appreciates eyestrain from trying to read a post. Secondly, leave, no one likes you.

12. MiXeD CaSe PoStS: See above.

13. Teach me to hack. We won't teach you to hack, EVER; hacking is illegal. All we're going to do is tell you to read Our File Archive and to check Google. We won't tell you how to hack; if you ask you'll be flamed and banned, simple as that. We don't want to hear "I'm trying to hack my wife's/brother's/girlfriend's/whoever's hotmail account and you need help; we don't [censored] care!

14. Warez. Warez is illegal, in every way. There are millions of file sharing web pages and networks; we're not one, nor will we ever be one. Anyone caught sharing warez will be banned immediately.

15. Introductions. Yeah, it's nice to meet you too, however we could care less about you introducing yourself. We have thousands of members and all these posts do is clutter up the board.

16. Old Posts. If the thread has been dead (no posts) for more than a month, and you have nothing *ground breaking* to add to the conversation; please leave it alone! It died for a reason, leave it there.

17. Constructive Posts. If all you have to add to a post is punctuation or a smilie face, please don't post. We do appreciate having you here at UGN Security but a smilie face is not constructive in any way.

If your post has been moved, ONLY PM the user who moved it. Do NOT make a new post whining about it being removed as you'll only get banned.

PS, all else fails, here's a door knob, go amuse yourself...
Posted By: Girlie

Re: Site Rules - 02/23/05 03:18 PM

which one is new? I'm too tired to try and figure it out.
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Site Rules - 02/23/05 04:25 PM

none of them are new. the original posting wasnt working right so we had to make a new one so all the newbs know the rules...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Site Rules - 06/21/05 04:47 AM

Quoting Gizmo on Site News :
Originally posted by Gizmo:
Also, until further notice the "If it's dead, leave it be" rule is no longer being enforced on any threads. We do ask however that you bring something useful to a topic that's been dead for a few months.
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