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Pull the plug

Posted By: Tantalus

Pull the plug - 07/31/03 09:10 PM

Anyone know where there is anything like pull the plug still around? Pull the plug was a bunch of servers that were set up to allow people to try various exploits and to break into the systems.
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: Pull the plug - 08/01/03 03:09 AM theres a list that might be of interest to you.
Posted By: Phux

Re: Pull the plug - 08/01/03 08:24 PM

Also you can try its mainly just passwords, but its somewhere else to check out that you might be interested in.
Posted By: Tantalus

Re: Pull the plug - 08/02/03 10:41 AM

Yeah, thanks a lot. Level 10 @ & level 9 @ hack this site smile
Posted By: bor

Re: Pull the plug - 10/03/03 05:34 AM

We held a "$5.00 if you root us" contest at Team Phreak about a year ago, and it was pretty fun to actually see everyone trying different ways of getting into the server.

We haven't planned on doing this again, but now that we don't use that server for anything, maybe I should set it up again.

No one was ever able to break in when we had the contest, or since then. Might be a fun thing to try.
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