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Posted By: Scalli0n

Daily Sites - 04/29/03 09:24 PM

OK, back from a sojourn of not coding and not doing computer a question for the UGN folks out there.

What websites do you guys check out every day? I'm talking about small, cool, security/computer related sites. Stuff that changes from day to day too. Maybe a big site; is there anything like (check for an older version of it, not hte @stake crap that's there now) that posts cool news?

Just curious.

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Daily Sites - 04/30/03 12:27 AM

I bairly have enough time to check:


Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Daily Sites - 04/30/03 02:57 AM

PC Mag the PC Magazine people I check sometimes, the thing about PC mag is they aren't the best for security kind of deals. However I like their windows tune up sections and how they rate computers. A lot of what giz put is good (duh he put em there).
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Daily Sites - 04/30/03 03:59 AM

heh, no reason to check javaspot, even weekly. But it's goin in a different direction now, so check it out I guess. Mac stuff Sports Illustrated, I know it's not computers
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