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In 10 years time

Posted By: PychoSamX

In 10 years time - 08/09/02 09:41 PM

At a technoligy stand point where do you think we will be?

This war on Terrioest in the US?

Will Bush be a drug user or a drug lord?
Posted By: xero

Re: In 10 years time - 08/09/02 09:46 PM

Silly man, Monkey's dont use drugs... laugh
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: In 10 years time - 08/10/02 04:43 AM

i think we will have more electronics, war weopans etc. No way in hell will the president fall to become a drug lord (possibly a drug user :x)
Posted By: unreal

Re: In 10 years time - 08/10/02 08:50 AM

1. In 10 years time, I do honestly believe that we will not see such enormous changes that people would like to think. Yes, computers will get faster, hold more data, etc. etc...but the overall shape and size will stay the same. I don't believe that we will see changes in the way things are conducted over the internet as well. Email will still work the same, we'll all have our instant messenger programs such as we do now, we'll still have banner ads and java popups trying to get us to buy stupid crap. Ethernet, of course, will slowly but surely creep its way to become the sole way people connect to the internet (i.e. no more modems).

Outside of computers, I don't believe that cars will be so automated as to drive themselves. We'll still have traffic jams, fender benders, and other such lovely things that makes driving interesting. Airplanes (and you know I'd touch on this laugh ) will undoubtedly become more and more automated, however, we will not see the pilot removed from the cockpit. People need to see someone up front that can use "gut instinct" when needed, instead of a computer flying the aircraft based on its own programming alone.

People love to have the idea that the government will slowly work surveillance equipment into our daily lives to watch us around the clock. But again, I do not see this happening. Yes, advances in technology will certainly make this sort of thing plausible, albiet unlikely. We will always have groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) fighting to keep these sort of things out of legislation. Furthermore, and certainly most important of all, the United States Constitution will keep us free of such hi-tech observation gadgets invading our homes.

To summarize: Things will not change as drastically as some people might expect. We will still go on through our daily lives just as we do today: posting about what the next 10 years time will bring.

I'll get to number 2 tomorrow. Question 3 is apparently someone's idea of a sense of humor, although a bad one.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: In 10 years time - 08/10/02 11:17 AM

I disagree with ya Unreal. How was things 10 years ago? Why, internet was barely blooming at that time. Pretty amazing as to what happened in 10 years no? I think there will be some very significant changes in technology. Wireless technology will be so commonn - most everybody will be using it. LCD screens will become the norm. Gaming will be revolutionized with consoles networked together. XM and/or Solaris (did I say that name right?) radio (satellite radio) will be a common thing. You know how we have video conferencing and webcams and stuff. Well, in 10 years, video/voice communication will be quite common. Most everybody will be able to chat with somebody on your computer and see their face on the screen and hear them talk. (you thought webcam porn was bad NOW....)

And I'm being conservative...

Basically take all the different technologies that are just starting to bloom now - and expect it to be a fairly common thing in 10 years. If you knew what all was breaking technology now - you may be amazed.

--As for the war on terrorism. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a terroristic related nuclear disaster in the next 10 years.
Posted By: psychogen

Re: In 10 years time - 08/10/02 02:39 PM

Its quite easy to predict where we will be in 10 years time since all you have to do is take the wold economy over the last 30 years and calculate a average increase rate --- nahhhhhh thats what business school teaches you smile

First I dont think that military weapons technology will advance to much in the next 10 years, and that is due to the increases in technology that have only happened in the last 50 years, war is too much of a controversial subject to approach and people are sick of it. Yes, there will be better war planes, battle cruisers, seek technology and a much more electronic type of warfare.
But my personal opinion is that the military is not to interested in researching new weapons of mass destruction, simply because there is allready significant amounts of mass destruction capable weopanry, for example, The Atomic Bomb (37 of these have enoigh power together to destroy all living surface on the plant.), later the Hydrogen Bomb, then we have a new type of super weapon that was developed by the UK about 20 years ago which is kind of like the Pyshic Beacon in Red Alert 2, it can kill anything within its radius but destroys nothing, so you can program this weapon for any type of radial distance you want and it will kill anything within that radius, its mad, so think about it I could be a complete [censored] nutter go to Jamaica set this weapon up kill everyone and then smoke everyones weed and use theirs cars houses, dead wives - erhmm nah!

Well I dont think there is a need for more destructive weaponry, I think research as such is much more electronics and physics orianted, eg anti-gravity, teleportation and so on.

I think major changes will be that we will have a world online bank, a off shore based bank that will be available to anyone that has access to the internet. I think that peoples spending habbits will change dramatically in the sense of easability and accessibility, one project which I know about which is going to be launched in about 4 years (its currently being developed) will be a universal shopping card, I cant really go into details. But the economy will be forced world wide to cause smaller companies to break up or sell out and globalization will continues to grow untill these huge companies finally see that the public is ready for a globalized way of life.

More Nations will be forced to join the global economy and its globalization because otherwise they will be getting to the point where no country can survive without the joined hands of the huge Monopolies.

As for technology I can see that we will probably have 128 bit computers within 5 years available for home usage and also Unix based systems will grow into a huge commercial market and Linux will become a average home OS. Physical computer security will evolve into a huge market because more homes will have a computer for everyone, and privacy will escalate to alarming levels to the point that our home computers will come with Fingerprint identification, and face identification possibly to the extreme of voice.

But then thats only the physical end, for people like us the net will always be the peoples weak point smile "Do you social?"

[censored] Im bored now, I hate writing about this I could talk face to face to someone and a beer bottle for quite a [censored] long time about all this.

I personally think that people will be more inbreed rather then out going and they will also be much more within their own universe.

Well ima find another topic to brain storm now.
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: In 10 years time - 08/11/02 01:50 AM

i agree with silentrage, i think everything will be different. we will probably see computer parts integrated into more every day appliances. for instance, i think TIVO will come built into all tv's so that you can rewind and pause live tv. i imagine we will progress even faster than we did in the last ten years.
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: In 10 years time - 08/11/02 03:34 AM

i totally agree with ya SR.

Solaris (did I say that name right?)
I think its called Sirus or something like that, I'll b getting it here soon wink . Cant wait till everything goes wireless.... it will b [censored] A
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: In 10 years time - 08/11/02 10:18 PM

I am gonna comment on the war on terrorism and military technology thing first. I think that the military will make alot of advances in weaponry in the next 10 years, but not in ways that seem like a big deal. Those satellites armed with anti-rocket..rockets (you know, those dealies that are supposed to blow up nuc's before they come down on us) that they say will be developed (or already have) I think will be. Maybe even a a server for guiding sets of missiles that attack a target strategically. I don't think mass destruction will be developed much more, but I am not really sure. I mean, we already have more than enough to blow the earth up (we have all heard this) so there is no point in making more, or maintaining this huge-[censored] supply we have now.

In technology, i agree that wireless technology will become more popular and improved. I think fiberoptics will probably be as available as dsl or cable. I agree with almost everything SR said. Also, i think teleportation, holograms, walking through walls, and god mode, will all be possible....ok maybe not. And to agree with BS, i think alot of the popular appliances (like tv's, fridges, dishwashers, washers and dryers, and so on) will be more like computers, and networked. Maybe an appliance manager to control things from your pc or a touch-screen on your wall or fridge. Doesn't Bluetooth make something to make things wireless or something? /me has forgotten

Lastly, i think Bush will become a drug lord, but he will just be a puppet. His wife is the real brains behind the whole thing.
Posted By: psychogen

Re: In 10 years time - 08/12/02 04:15 PM

Maybe even a a server for guiding sets of missiles that attack a target strategically.
That exists and has been around for several years, its called Nomad. Its the US Bio/Atomic warfare server.


/me thinks one day ill be able to tell my toaster what to do like this $mount /dev/kitchen/toaster -bread -cripsy -slightly_burned(2)
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: In 10 years time - 09/04/02 12:24 AM

i will rule the world
Posted By: wizzy

Re: In 10 years time - 09/04/02 12:34 AM

you brought almost a month old topic back to the top and waste people's time re-reading it for a [censored] response like, i will rule the world? how bout a response with at least a little interest to the rest of the members?
Posted By: Jonquiere

Re: In 10 years time - 09/04/02 04:13 PM

I agree with unreal ('posted August 10, 2002 01:50 AM') I don't believe technology will change as most people image. I do know that Microsoft is planning to introduce a new computer that doesn't allow peer-to-peer file sharing. Which is really stupid, because people won't buy those, get the computers that allow file sharing. I do believe some Music Technology will change in CDs will have blockades so that reproducing that CD impossible. Health technology will change, I saw it on Global or whatever, will a simple pinch on a baby's finger will give the baby's medical outcome without his/her life. Which is kinda cool!

Terrorist will always stand:
~One terrorist is called, 2 will be born~

Bush, I don't know, probably a drug user most likely.
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: In 10 years time - 09/04/02 06:13 PM

hey wizzy, i had just read a couple pages on every one elses ideas about what the world will be like, and after all that, i figured some people might want a break from all the logic. i apologise for getting off topic and for 'making people read this'.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: In 10 years time - 09/04/02 06:27 PM

Actully military will have some nice toys, weapons not as much but a few... More in terms of the intel side. As for bush being a drug user, that isn't a change... He was and will always be. As in ruling the world, well that was my goal. As in a i'm bored and why I am posting in this topic that is in present time.
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: In 10 years time - 09/04/02 11:48 PM

I saw this thing, The Javalin (sp?) on The Tech of... a few nights ago. If you don't know, it is a really teched up missile launcher. It uses heat seeking, with awesome accuracy and one soldier can shoot it on his own. Apparently it is capable of taking out a tank and only takes maybe 20 seconds or so to get a good shot. I know this is old by now, but I thought it was cool.

I hope that their riot control tools will improve soon. off-topic, those idiots that turn protests into riots are idiots. It would be awesome if there was a sound or something (like the ones that make you naseous (sp? again)) that makes you hellatired and fall asleep. Then they could go through and arrest people they know are violent.
Posted By: Chrimera

Re: In 10 years time - 09/06/02 03:12 PM

With the recent advances in nano, and biotechnology you can bet your last dollar things are gonna change, militarily and civilian-tarily. Though I donít believe the 'look and feel' will alter all that much.

Case in point, to pardon the pun, computers get faster and components smaller, but Compaq, dell and Gateway only JUST started altering the footprint of their machine this past year. And the move to the Black/Gray color wasnít motivated by MACs "Blueberry" but because the beige turns yellow. People mostly hate (READ: fear) change, even if they understand the why's and how's.

They'll figure out how to mass-produce the silicone cube as a data storage device. (1 inch square silicon cube that can hold the contents of the New York Public Library. Lasers write in the volume of the cube not just the surface)

Engineering truism, you can plan for 10 years out, but only design for 5.
Posted By: tuatboaac

Re: In 10 years time - 09/09/02 12:11 AM

All of you have been talking about how technology will improve in the hard sciences(i.e. man made machinery, etc.) but with the completion of the human genome project, i believe(and i cant predict the future, so i could be wrong) that the most significant advances will be in the bio-sciences. for example, i forsee medical practices switching over almost completely to gene therapy. why attack a disease when you can program the body with suitably manipulated retro-virus to be immune to that disease. i also think that nano-machines will be the next logical step. once we are able to categorically determine what genes do what, and of course, have the capability of buildign self-contained computer/machines 1/1 billionth of a centimeter wide(at the current rate of advancement, who knows.)it would be easy to insert a few million of those babies into every newborn child, and after that medicine becomes a thing of the past. when all disease and most minor injuries are self-curing, then physicians can concentrate on the important cases, and i think that we may see a huge difference in the number of premature deaths through disease. i mean,look at the advancement we've had in the past 200 years. we went from matchlocks to carbines to nuclear missiles in just 200 years, and technology increases exponentially. the bigger the infrastructute, the quicker it goes. i wouldnt be suprised if we had colonies on some of the closer stars before 2050. i also think that something akin to a global community will form. with increasingly cheap forms of communication, and transportation, it will be impossible to isolate anyone, anywhere.

2-terrorists will always exist. some people just hate other people.

3- he should toke up every once in a while. hed be a better person.
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: In 10 years time - 09/09/02 01:14 AM

When you said colonies on closer stars by 2050, that is something I don't think would happen. I do think it could happen, and soon, but i don't think it would be as soon as 2050. I think it would take that long just to prepare whatever we are gonna send out there. Obviously we wouldn't try to do this unless we had the ability to get there in a relatively short amount of time, but i think it would still take awhile to get to the point where we can. I think earliest we would have colonies on other stars would be 2150. Or somewhere.
Posted By: tuatboaac

Re: In 10 years time - 09/09/02 01:33 AM

as i said. could be wrong. personally, death scares me shitless, so i tend to group everything within a timline that i could possibly live to see.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: In 10 years time - 09/09/02 03:05 AM

Hats off to you tuat. Thanks for changing the avatar...
Posted By: tuatboaac

Re: In 10 years time - 09/09/02 06:31 PM

thanks. i think. actually, i kinda like fred.
Posted By: WarEagle

Re: In 10 years time - 09/09/02 06:45 PM

Ten years from now! I believe it is behond most imagination. I believe the seeing faces and talking on computer will be the norm as. I laso think that wireless is going to be being than you think. You might even be able to talk to someones face on a palm pilot or cell phone for that matter. I you look where we came form ten years ago then double that and thats where we will be.
Posted By: tuatboaac

Re: In 10 years time - 09/09/02 06:50 PM

i believe you writing a legible post is beyond imagination. thats why your sent back to the same topic ya know. so you can read what you wrote, and edit it if its stupid. like the above.
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