UGN Security Forum Password Hack?

Posted By: UltimateUnknown Forum Password Hack? - 11/17/07 04:44 PM

Okay I am sorry if this is in the wrong catagory please redirect me if I am wrong. I go to a local paintball website ) alot and recently I have noticed posts I am not making.
I am getting very frustrated and I contacted the mods but they say they can not do anything about it, I say they are just lazy and dont want to help out which kind of sucks but whatever.
The thing is I want to stop them from doing this. How would I go about stoping it? They are able to get my passwords to my e-mail accounts which they have done. They have also gotten onto my fiances Myspace and changed everything. We have tried to change all of our passwords and everything many, many times and went as far as contacting the ISP and having a tech come out and reboot everything. I know what their names and all that are on the forum but other than that I know nothing.
I want to know if somebody will please point me in the right direction thats all:
1) How they are doing it.
2) How do I stop them.
3) What do I use to give them a taste of their own medicine?

Please anything and everything on the subject that can help would be very, very appreciated. Thank anyone who comes to help me out on this and thank you very much for any info ahead of time. Thanks again.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Forum Password Hack? - 11/17/07 05:28 PM

Likely they haven't hacked your forum password, but have likely set the "recover password" option of your email address to be theirs, so they can recover the password at any time.

Another answer would be that they have a keylogger on your computer, which would log all actions you type; so all they'd have to do would be go through their log and search for your username and whammo, your password...

The keylogger could be the answer, assuming you downloaded something at one point in time; it's kind of hard to say.
Posted By: UltimateUnknown

Re: Forum Password Hack? - 11/19/07 07:41 AM

How and where would I get a key logger and what do I need to work one? I will check some places and I am pretty good with computers Ill check it out but any good ones would be cool to know fo thanks.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Forum Password Hack? - 11/19/07 09:07 AM

You would acquire one from another website, we have no such mallitious utilities here (anymore).
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