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Port Scanner Advice?

Posted By: UltimateUnknown

Port Scanner Advice? - 11/26/07 09:45 AM


I was just checking out a few things and I am getting into port scanners and the sort and I had a few questions. Also any advice give on where to start would be greatly appreciated thanks very much.

1) I scan the local ports and what not, I also have used the help files to get started but I was confused when I clicked on most of the open ports it shows a blank telnet screen like this:
Blank Telnet Screen

What should I do to be able to read or access more informaton?

I also have been able to access a FTP Service screen that looks like this:
FTP Service Telnet Screen

What is this screen used for and what other access points do I have?

I type in a few commands but it always sets up a USER and PASS like this:
USER and PASS Interface

What do I do to access the user names and passwords?

Also what do the numbers mean that are next to them?

I am sorry if this is in the wrong place I do figure this accounts as a newbie question. I am very new to this type of program and also Telnet and am looking to gain more information thanks ahead of time for any and all information furnished.

Thanks again

P.S. Love the website and forums wink
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Port Scanner Advice? - 11/26/07 10:06 AM

When "telnet" gives just a blank screen, it generally means the host either isn't connecting or isn't sending a header response to your terminal.

AS for the FTP response, I believe that is the initial header, your client (or you as you're not using an FTP client) needs to send a response to go any further, which is standard).

What do you do to access usernames and passwords? These aren't just blindly given out... What would be so secure about using these services if someone could just do something like "show passwords" lol...

As for the numbers, that's the code that tells the client what you're trying to do, most clients read the id and just spew out their own code, ignoring the rest of the line.

Posted By: UltimateUnknown

Re: Port Scanner Advice? - 11/26/07 11:11 AM

lol yes I am sorry I should ave rephrased the question I mean is there a program that is possible to run as a base to bypass the user name or passwords? I do understand that this website does not host "hack" programs, I was just interested if one existed?
Also I used the search feature and couldn't acquire any telnet read files to help understand them and how they work, do they exist on this site? I am going to use some other means of search but I usually end up reading a whole load of jabber and running in circles with useless information and was wondering if there is a direct link to positive "crap less" information?

Thanks again.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Port Scanner Advice? - 11/26/07 01:06 PM

You'd be looking for a program capable of bruteforcing FTP passwords; I'm unsure where to find one.

You should keep in mind that no FTP program has a set username, users insert any usernames they want to use. So it'd be difficult to assume one username would exist or not.

We don't have much request about telnet, most servers no longer run telnet as it's not a secure service anymore; most servers do however run SSH which at least encrypts its messages.

Most information about "hacking telnet" will be severely outdated.
Posted By: UltimateUnknown

Re: Port Scanner Advice? - 11/26/07 01:25 PM

Haha okay I see I didn't realize Telnet was so old lol shows how long it has been since I have messed around with computers. Has this site recently "gotten rid" of all it's information because I can't seem to find anything on SSH or Telnet or anything of that sort. Any help on specifics would be great thanks again.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Port Scanner Advice? - 11/26/07 02:22 PM

Well, there should be some stuff in the archive, but I have no clue if theres anything on telnet, it's pretty worthless wink... as for SSH, it's fairly secure :shrug:
Posted By: UltimateUnknown

Re: Port Scanner Advice? - 11/26/07 03:16 PM

okay thanks a lot for the help I really appreciate it
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