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Posted By: anubis

(lQuestion.. - 01/03/08 02:08 PM

I know this is dumb...but before (long time ago) i was s member of and of course they changed the website name...but I can´t seem to know if they still exist..I mean of course with another name not so obvious...does anybody know??

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: (lQuestion.. - 01/03/08 06:52 PM

I've got no idea; I think they sold out to another company who buys domains.
Posted By: anubis

Re: (lQuestion.. - 01/04/08 06:59 AM

just curious..tnx ... smile
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: (lQuestion.. - 01/04/08 09:41 AM

You may find a tool like the WayBack Machine useful for looking up information about sites, especially when they no longer exist. You can go through and lookup when the last month of their site was, and if there was any front page news.

I find it quite useful smile
Posted By: anubis

Re: (lQuestion.. - 01/06/08 10:37 AM

wow thank you, i´ll definately check it out.


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