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Reverse engineering.

Posted By: zenon

Reverse engineering. - 04/05/06 10:17 AM

So, I'm back, after a long hibernation underneath the warm comforting pages of exams and books on advanced C programming, Complex data structures and Mathematics, this n00b is hotter than ever.
For those of you who remember me: I was out doing military time and now Iv'e picked up my study at the Technical University of Technology in Gothenburg (Chalmers)

So, this post is about reverse engineering.
What about this thought?

A program, written in C/C++ OR (notice the logical OR, not an XOR) J2. The program receives machine-code and structures it and analyzes it and produces a flow-chart (of some type, and maybe also an UML diagram) of the program.
Mainly to facilitate analyzis.

What about it? laugh
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Reverse engineering. - 04/09/06 09:55 PM

What about it? Everything.
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