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Minor re-Engendering (Reg File Hex)

Posted By: cvnet

Minor re-Engendering (Reg File Hex) - 04/11/06 10:17 PM

I bought a software (Voice Chat) from china about 5 years ago, its great, however the license which was issued by them is per IP, so if your IP address of the server changes, the software wont work. Now we are about to change our server, and the company that we bought from are gone, their website is there, but we have tried to contact (phone, email) them for over 2 months with no luck.
This is what I need:
The software works with only the IP address which the license was issued to, and it is Hex Reg file.
I want someone to write me a software which I can issue new reg file for other IPs.
I am willing to donate for your hard work, and I need this ASAP.
Please get back to me ASAP, I can send you the software and also the reg file.
Or of you know some sites, or groups who could me out, please let me know.
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Minor re-Engendering (Reg File Hex) - 04/12/06 08:14 AM

[This is Gizmo on IceMyst's Desktop]

This sadly counts as Warez as it is a licensed product that you're trying to utilize elsewhere for free... Granted the perdiciment you're in is completely out of your control, we cannot assist you in this matter.

I can however state that I'd love to take a peek at the software for S&G's, and possibly give you some pointers :hint:, you can send it to moguai[at]gmail[dot]com.
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