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Email from C++?

Posted By: Slyce

Email from C++? - 07/02/06 11:05 PM

I need to be able to make it so the user's response(s) are emailed to me, 'behind the scenes' so to say. wink I know how to make their input a character array and all that easy jazz, but I have no idea on how to make it so the responses are emailed to me. Someone told me to try to pipe the commands into telnet, but that wouldn't let the responses change and be emailed. (right?) I can telnet an email,:
telnet 25
220 ESMTP Postfix
helo x
mail from: [email protected]
250 Ok
rcpt to: [email protected]
250 Ok
354 Please start mail input.
This is a test.
250 Mail queued for delivery.
221 Closing connection. Good bye. 
That worked just fine, but I had to type all of the commands in. That I know of, there is no way to automate the commands in, and even more so, turn the echo off for that. I don't have to telnet in, that's just the only thing I've tried. Anyone have any ideas or any knowledge that I lack? pray
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Email from C++? - 07/03/06 10:03 AM

Well, you could try having webhosting and have a php script interpret items submitted to it... that way your cpp program sends data to the php script and it just does all the parsing... At least thats semi simple to setup :x...

I'm not sure in sending mail from cpp, i know you'd have to have access to a smtp server to send out, but there aren't many that allow a non-passworded send...
Posted By: Slyce

Re: Email from C++? - 07/03/06 09:33 PM

Thanks, but I've never worked with php before... is it time to brush up?

And I know of an smtp server that allows non passworded send, I used it in my first post^^
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Email from C++? - 07/03/06 11:24 PM

Ahh, well, you CAN use SMTP, make sure they allow it, but hey to each their own...

PHP isn't too difficult, the mail function itself is at:
Posted By: Slyce

Re: Email from C++? - 07/04/06 12:12 AM

Ok, I'll look into it and get back to you on success. Thanks!
Posted By: Slyce

Re: Email from C++? - 07/05/06 09:52 PM

Ok, thanks. The guy I'm programing this with suggested perl. I looked into php, and you were right, it is pretty simple. The only problem is, regardless of if we use perl or php, is we still need to know how to send data over/to the internet through C++. More importantly, being able to have the user dictate the data that is sent. Any ideas?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Email from C++? - 07/06/06 03:39 AM

PHP and Perl are pretty straight forward, however PHP is more streamlined and is what I'd recommend.

And with PHP what you'd do is set it to use GET requests, and have your C++ ap send to a url (perhaps code a tiny web browser into it), you'd have the PHP app just read what comes out and return a "your submission is succuessful" message.

I could have a php script configured for you, but I don't code for free ($75/hr) and I'd need to have all the fields known when I started... Not sure how long it'd take as it'd depend on how many fields and how you'd like the mail to look... It should be simple enough, especially with what is displayed to your "browser" (the built in web browser in your cpp app).
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