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c functions and calls

Posted By: geodesic

c functions and calls - 04/20/04 10:04 AM


please take a look at the following code and give me some feedback on

1. does it reflect "good programming style"
2. is it "portable"
3. is it "elegant"

i am learning this c language and would love feedback.

so far you guys have been a great help. i want to get up to speed on this programming stuff asap. i got a graphlink for my ti - 83+ graphing calc and wanna get into some assembly with it .. but thats a whole other topic ....

so heres the code ...

float celsius_conversion(float fahr);
float kelvin_conversion(float celsius);

float fahr, celsius, kelvin;

int main(void)

	printf ("\nPlease enter the temperature in Farenheit\n");
	printf ("that you wish to convert to Celsius and Kelvin: ");
	scanf (" %f", &fahr);
	celsius = celsius_conversion(fahr);
	printf("\n%.1f Degrees Farenheit is:\n\n1. %.1f Degrees Celsius\n2. %.1f Kelvin",
	fahr, celsius_conversion(fahr), kelvin_conversion(celsius));
	return 0;

float celsius_conversion(float fahr)
	celsius = (5 * (fahr -32)/9);
	return celsius;

float kelvin_conversion(float celsius)
	kelvin = celsius + 273.15;
	return kelvin;
Posted By: MESELF

Re: c functions and calls - 04/27/04 11:04 AM

yes assembly is a whole other topic. esp for ti-83+. i know a little o' that stuff it is anal. that code looks alright to me. i would say its pretty good programming style. elegance dont ask me about that and i know nothing of porting. but the code itself is functional and its a nice illustration of functions for a beginner.
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