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How to program a DOS TSR with VC++

Posted By: psetus

How to program a DOS TSR with VC++ - 10/22/02 10:06 PM

I'm wondering if anybody has any information or links to information about programming a dos tsr in VC++?

I'm trying to write two programs: one that captures all text that the console outputs and sends it to an lcd display through the parallel port, and another which will translate input from a 10key numpad through a serial port as text (ie. "1ENTER" = "a" "11ENTER" = "b" "2ENTER" = "d" etc). Both need to be tsrs...I can program everything (the keyboard stuffer, the hardware interfaces, etc) except for the tsr part.

Any advise is greatly appreciated! Thanks
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: How to program a DOS TSR with VC++ - 10/22/02 10:46 PM

I think this link shall tell you all you'll ever need to know. It's also very easy to understand and comes complete with example code. smile

If you are unable to get it working in VC++ then I STRONGLY suggest that you use a different compiler. However, you should have no problem if you have already created true 16-bit DOS programs in VC++.
Posted By: psetus

Re: How to program a DOS TSR with VC++ - 10/23/02 06:46 PM

Ok...VC++ 1.1 or something was the last version to create 16-bit programs. So I can't do that. Thanks for the help though : )

I don't have enough time to finish this to get another compiler, so I guess I'll just throw it out. Thanks again
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