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Taking Programs

Posted By: Ntd

Taking Programs - 03/30/04 05:29 PM

I really want to know how to make a bot for Msn so when i afk it will respond (like a script for irc). I have no idea how to start it? Will i have to being some sort of msn controls over? Or something? Please help!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Taking Programs - 03/30/04 05:45 PM

If you mean Talking programs you should look into Microsoft Agent; it's what mIRC and a bunch of others use (including office).
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Taking Programs - 03/30/04 11:44 PM

The simplest solution for you is to use something other than MSN Messenger. No no, I'm not saying you stop using the network, only the client. Trillian, Amsn, and GAIM all will run on the Messenger protocol, and in windows. As well, all of these clients have the away message functionality that you are looking for.

I'm only suggesting this as a short term solution to ger what you want now while you figure out how to go about doing it yourself.

Posted By: Ice

Re: Taking Programs - 04/01/04 03:19 AM

Amsn is a great program = ) Lets you do so much more then msn lets u.
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