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Vb qwestions

Posted By: LivingDead

Vb qwestions - 09/23/02 11:49 PM

Yes, I was gonna start learning vb and i was wanting to know whats is the best compielr to use that is afortable for vb?

I found out that u can hit alt f12 in excell and use vb but is it to full use...
Posted By: Predator

Re: Vb qwestions - 09/24/02 07:30 AM

Errr lol, the best compiler probably is a program called Microsoft Visual Basic. Visual Basic is pretty expensive, but you should be able to get a student licence, so you can affort it. And the vb in office programs, isn't vb but vba (visual basic for applications)
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Vb qwestions - 09/24/02 12:49 PM

haha... There's only one flavor of VB other than Microsoft Visual Basic you can write something close to true programs. That would be Access. My dad did crazy things with Access. But it isn't cheap either.
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