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"Obtaining A Remote Computers Logon ID"

Posted By: n3o

"Obtaining A Remote Computers Logon ID" - 11/19/03 06:27 AM

Hi, There

Could somebody please help me out here?

I have been doing VB for about a year now, and am not entirely great at it, even thou I try, so was wounding if anyone would be able to help me.

What would like to do is make a program so that when you enter a computers IP or Name it shows you the Logon ID (username of person logged on).

Thanks allot for any help.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: "Obtaining A Remote Computers Logon ID" - 11/23/03 02:26 AM

you'd have to learn the netbios protocol. Or perhaps the netbios API would give you that information. I have not researched in this area that extensively.

Here's a suite of utilities that show you what can be done:
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