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Filelistbox Patterns

Posted By: olosoft

Filelistbox Patterns - 07/05/02 06:06 PM

im writing a little program that is autoexecuted when a cd is put in the drive and its supposed to automatically launch the movie thats on the cd. and i have it all done and working nice. but i want to make the program more generic, so i dont have to have a different version for .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, etc.

so my question is, is there any way to have multiple patterns for a filelistbox? i tried separating the patterns with commas and semicolons to no avail...
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Filelistbox Patterns - 07/07/02 11:55 AM

I started a new project and placed a file list box on my form. It immediately displayed all the files in the VB executeable directory. I then replaced the Pattern property "*.*" to "*.dll;*.exe"

It displayed only dll's and exe's...

So a semicolon is what you need. Dunno why it didn't work for ya before.
Posted By: olosoft

Re: Filelistbox Patterns - 07/07/02 04:35 PM

ahhh, see i was putting a space between the ; and the *, guess it makes a difference, works now, thanks. laugh
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