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IM Client interface?

Posted By: nomel

IM Client interface? - 05/01/03 07:51 PM

Anyone know of a IM client, or a plugin to an IM client (trillian!?) that will allow me to interface to it with a programming language or script, to send and recieve messages to/from it?

I know I can make my own, but I need something that is easily available to anyone and works well.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: IM Client interface? - 05/01/03 08:47 PM

You don't need an IM client or a plugin for an IM client to interface with chat systems. Just learn the AIM protocol or whatever protocol you need and communicate directly with the chat server.

However, in the case of AIM at least, there is a way to use AIM links to send messages and various other tasks.
Posted By: nomel

Re: IM Client interface? - 05/01/03 09:56 PM

Well, I have no desire or need to learn the protocol. I just wanted something that can easily send and recieve messages. I'm working on a program for a proof-of-concept, and nothing more.

I ended up finding JabberCom, a dll that lets you communicate with the servers. I will just modify their example client for my use.

I do believe in learning the basics of things like you said though, the low level stuff, like the protocols. That's how I do all my learning...that I'm interested in smile . I just don't want to spend very much time on this project because I have many many more very interesting ones that I'm working on.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: IM Client interface? - 05/02/03 12:04 AM

mmmm, toc goodness...
Posted By: ninjaneo

Re: IM Client interface? - 06/03/03 07:02 PM

umm, Good luck learning the AIM protocol if you plan to use the new one--the one that supports DC and all that... The TIC/TOC version of aim which is just basic messaging, profile, and warning (good enough) is fairly simple ascii based. If you need an example their is a great one on search for "Aim Client" in the VB section
Posted By: nomel

Re: IM Client interface? - 06/04/03 05:50 AM

sweet...thanks Neo.
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