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Posted By: psychogen

Resource Files - 08/01/02 04:14 PM


I was wondering if anyone here has ever written Dynamic Link Libraries that will change the applications language.

What I am refering to is that I want to add multiple language settings to the Apps I write, especially one which is a new project for work and I need support for 2 languages atleast.

I have read a internationalisation article on msdn a couple of years back but I cant find it.

But I was also thinking of writing my own resource type of files, or settings files if u rather, such as *.ols (OfficeChat Language Settings). The files would be plain text but I doubt that I can be bothered to deal with that to much.

If anyone has written one before or has seen a sample code that will perform the job thouroughly then I would appreciate any feedback.

I can think of the basics behind it no problem just wondering if someone has already done this in order to cut my dev time on this.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Resource Files - 08/01/02 04:19 PM

I have created resource files for text strings. While I did not use this for language flexibility, I read all about how it can be used for that. It's very simple really once you have the text tables complete.

As for creating dll's... I have made VB ActiveX dll's before (they're the only kind you can make with VB). As for accessing a resource file from an application that's stored in a dll... that I've never done before. But I can learn if need be.

How would you like me to help you?
Posted By: psychogen

Re: Resource Files - 08/01/02 04:22 PM

Damn your fast!!!

I dont quite understand what you mean by the text tables?
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Resource Files - 08/01/02 04:40 PM

it's luck. I just happened to check right after you did. Well, text tables. You have a grid of words. You can access a particular record or column or something and choose the language number you're using and extract the proper word.
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