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Posted By: Anonymous

Integrity Checkers - 05/24/02 08:45 PM

I was thinking about making a virus scanner. Just a simple one. To keep me occupied. integrity checker. What it does it looks at every file. And remembers the size. next time it scans...if there is a large change in the size of a file it says a virus may be present. I was wondering if I can get any links on VB coding or any help to create one. Since I'm the lazy person i am.
Posted By: Soap

Re: Integrity Checkers - 05/25/02 01:16 PM

What bout cheksums and MD5 checksums

I think checksums are quite effecient when it comes to integrity checking...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Integrity Checkers - 05/25/02 03:54 PM

it checks the size/date/time of some files (SOME).
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Integrity Checkers - 05/26/02 03:15 AM

Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Integrity Checkers - 05/26/02 01:07 PM

You can find the checksum algorithm in the RFC's. I think MD5 is also described in the RFC.
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