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begginer tutorial

Posted By: BackSlash

begginer tutorial - 03/24/02 01:59 AM

hey, can someone please post a begginer's tutorial for VB, or post a link to one. THanks

Posted By: Mornse

Re: begginer tutorial - 03/24/02 08:39 AM

That's what I thought also when I started to program in VB. But it's not the best route. Either by yourself a book, or do what I did...source code! SR taught me that it was best to use source code rather than tut's when I was asking him for tut's also. The best resource for VB code is It's got tons of code for everything. If you want to learn to program in VB just choose a program you want to make. A chat program for example, and then go get code and ask people questions about parts you don't understand. If you email me ([email protected]) or talk to me on ICQ (32188525), I can provide you with some code I've made and some help.
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