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Posting Guidelines and Format

Posted By: Gremelin

Posting Guidelines and Format - 07/05/04 03:08 PM

Every forum needs some basic guidelines; some basic rules to make sure that the forum doesn't turn into total chaos.

Note that the format and guidelines will be enforced here more than that of any other forum as we have plans of relaying this data to the main site at a future date.

Also be aware that the Reviews section is here on a test basis to see how well the section withstands us; it is only here as a test. If it passes our testing phase it will be here for a while to come.

Format: The format is what is important to us most of all; we want a semi clean looking reviews board for a slick reviews section of the site. As more than one article will be present on the site we'd like it all to blend together.
Subject: Please make the subject something having to do with the product name, such as: Motzart - Instant Classics (Artist - Album); or: Maxtor 3TB Hard Disk; etc.

Title: Title of Game/Software/CD.
Album: Name of the Album of the CD; if applicable.
Manufacturer: Software/Hardware Manufacturer (please include a link); if applicable.
Publisher: CD Producing company (please include a link); if applicable.

If you'd like to include images in your entry; please only include up to 3; make sure their small images (no larger than 400px wide; if they are any wider please make a link to the image.

Please try to make your review at least 4 paragraphs long as any shorter will be reaped.

Please do not use foul language of any type; if you feel that the word is foul in any sense then don't use it, it probably is.

If you link to any adult content your account will be banned from the site without warning.

No warez; we don't care where you downloaded it from; nor where you found the crack; we just want to know ABOUT the software itself... How you got it is none of our business, nor do we care.

Any questions?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Posting Guidelines and Format - 07/06/04 07:24 AM

Also; please include a rating of 1-5 (one being worse, 5 being best).
Posted By: EndGame

Re: Posting Guidelines and Format - 07/12/05 04:20 PM

im not sure if giz agrees here, so il leave it to him to pass judgement about this rule:

all reviews should be done by the reviewer themselves. in other words, dnt leech off other reviews posted on other sites.

UGN is a community. as users we should take pride in the fact that its OUR community.
therefore, all reviews should be done by OUR members.

i dnt know bout anyone else, but when i read a review on the site i not only want to know about the software/film/music, but i also want to know what a fellow UGN member thinks about the subject of the review.

i put in time and effort toward my reviews. i would appreciate it if everyone took the review boards as seriously.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Posting Guidelines and Format - 07/12/05 06:22 PM

Where we would prefer all reviews to be personal (as I like a comment by a valid user about their experiances) we will, at times, allow reviews from certain sites (though I'd prefer it not to be from a site in general).
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