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Movie: The Longest Yard

Posted By: EndGame

Movie: The Longest Yard - 07/09/05 11:00 AM

Film: The Longest Yard
Genre: Sport Comedy
Soudtrack: Nelly - The Longest Yard
Rating: 4/5


What do you get when Chris Rock and Adam Sandler come together to produce a film?
A funny, wholesome experience that leaves u wanting more...

Adam Sandler plays Paul Crewe, an ex-pro quaterback who gets charged on a drunk-driving offense and sent to Allenville Penitentiary.
He befriends inmate Caretaker (Chris Rock) and attempts to put together a football team to verse the guards.

...what, want more?
thats the plot.
when have u ever watched an Adam Sandler flick that held a rivetting plot?

the good news is the movie is bloody hilarious. Chris Rock (in my opinion an over-rated comedian) has a few funny remarks and so does Sandler, but the humour is undoubtedly stolen by the lesser known actors who put on a bitchin performance.

Bert Reynolds plays the role of the coach and even though i personally believe he's much too old to pull out a punchline anymore, he gives a solid supporting role performance.

Reviewers Note

The Longest Yard is one of the few comedy films out there that manages to maintain a constant round of laughs throughout the movie. A great movie to watch on the big screen, but also not a bad buy to add to ur DVD collection.
The sound track by Nelly is awesome.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Movie: The Longest Yard - 07/09/05 11:02 AM

I loved this movie lol... I was literally on the floor for 3/4ths of it...

I especially loved the beginning scenes "Don't you dare put a scratch on my car!"... "it's OK boy's, I didn't spill my beer".
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