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Movie: Nemesis Game

Posted By: EndGame

Movie: Nemesis Game - 07/09/05 11:40 AM

Film: Nemesis Game
Genre: Mystery (on the brink of horror)
Rating: 3/5 [ONLY due to the PLOT]


My girlfriend had to go to work about 3 months ago and i had already watched everything out on circuit. I had artfully avoided this film for 4 solid weeks but with nothing to do and a solitary 4 hours ahead of me, against my better judgement I purchased my ticket and crossed the threshold...

Nemesis Game is about colege student Sara (Carly Pope) who is haunted by a tragic past. Shes almost fetishly interested in riddles and brainteasers and tends to spend most of her time with a comic book shop owner called Vern (Adrian Paul). Apart from attending lectures and shying away from fellow students trying to get into her panties, Sara is a normal girl who enjoys the 'mental stimulation' she experiences with Vern.

But then she finds herself caught up in a game: Nemesis. Its is a supposed ancient game that has lasted throughout the centuries for riddle-solvers and brainteaser addicts. It is rumoured that if you finish this game, if u solve all the puzzles and obstacles in your path, you will be given the solution to the greatest riddle of all: What is the meaning of life?

There is, however, the small problem that everyone who is now close to Sara starts to die... :yawn:

Reviewers Note

A good film that scared the bejesus out of me (but then again, i scare easily) and that could be the perfect movie for a rainy afternoon.
I believe, however, that Nemesis Game never should have made it to the big screen but rather stated its claim in BlockBuster's 'weekly rental' section.
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