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Posted By: LeviMrJeans Music: Fatboy Slim - 03/24/06 07:38 AM
Alright so the Fatboy seems to be everywhere but the US (though he has released a new cd not too long ago "Palookaville"). I just picked up a cd of his released in Australia, Live on Bondi Beach: New Year's Eve 06. If you dig the fatboy, then you'll probably like it and if you're into more clubby electronic dance music then you may dig it. Personally I'm addicted so I have to buy it. A full $28 for a single 79 minute cd, with one new remix, the rest of the tracks are all other artists. Which is fine if you dig DJ's and all that. It was a pretty good album, but as it has barely any new Fatboy Slim material I'd say buy it if you're in Australia or find it for a decent price. Really it is not even a necessity for one interested in Fatboy Slim, as there are other, better, closer to Fatboy Slim style Fatboy DJ mixes out there (such as Essential Elements 2 and On the Floor at the Boutique). If you're into dance music, you'll probably dig it. Especially if you like Fatboy's new clubbier stuff. If you dig late 90's Fatboy, then you may not want this record. It is definetly Fatboy, it just doesn't have that umph! from his older stuff. So the rating as bestowed by I, LeviMrJeans, is a 3.5. I wish I was more active in music when I was 12, that way I'd be all over this music. Goin' to raves at 12. Damn. In my dreams... Fatboy Slim - Bondi Beach: New Year's Eve 06, 3.5 stars.
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