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Movie: Spiderman 2

Posted By: Gremelin

Movie: Spiderman 2 - 07/14/04 07:38 PM

Movie: Spiderman 2
Rating: 4/5
I haven't seen a good movie in a while and I must say that this movie definately rated up there... Great suspense, awesome action scenes; and some good scenes with Kirsten Dunst as well wink ...

For those of you who have never even seen a spiderman comic, these movies cater to you as well... Movie one catches you up to speed on how spiderman is, well, spiderman... It also goes on a good set of action with the Green Gobblin...

Episode 2 has Doc Ock, a doctor hell bent on creating a renewable energy source, lifes have no matter in his quest. Spiderman also comes clean to Aunt Mae on who really was the reason that Uncle Ben got killed...

We also see a short retirement for Spiderman in which he tries to mend an old relationship... We also get to see him get royally thrashed on a few occasions...

All in all, it's a great movie, go see it; I know I'll be going again smile .
Posted By: dashocker

Re: Movie: Spiderman 2 - 07/19/04 04:46 AM

I just saw the movie a few days ago. Overall, I thought it was overrated. Although, the Kirsten Dunst scenes are always nice :p
The movie does a good job of showing how Spiderman is very conflicted: he can't decide whether to focus on his life, or saving others.

I thought the dialogue took a step-down from the first movie. The plot is just too hokey in the way it unfolds. The introduction of Dr. Octavius was so lame, and his character just isn't explained fully. We don't even really know what he was creating.

I thought the FX were better though; Spiderman looked more real flying through the air.

Overall a good movie: The interaction between characters was good, pretty intense stuff despite the shaky dialogue. It just didn't live up to the hype.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Movie: Spiderman 2 - 07/19/04 06:47 AM

Though they could have done a much better job having to do with Doc Oc, the movie still was [censored] sweet...
Posted By: Ice

Re: Movie: Spiderman 2 - 10/13/04 08:48 PM

I just saw the movie a few days ago. Overall, I thought it was overrated.
Agreed, Way to overrated. I thought the first one was WAY better.

I dont wanna give the ending, but some parts just pist me off. Like on that bus when people saw who he is. Then MJ, Then Harry...

Retarted... Harry was the only one that knew who Spiderman was in the cartoons (pretty sure)
Posted By: Tinatinatina

Re: Movie: Spiderman 2 - 06/24/06 09:03 AM

the movie still was [censored] sweet...[/QB]
I agreed!!!!!!!!!!!
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