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Movie: White Noise (2005)

Posted By: Gremelin

Movie: White Noise (2005) - 01/05/05 02:51 PM

Movie: White Noise (2005)
Rating: 4/5
Plot Outline: A man is contacted from beyond the grave by his murdered wife.

Plot Summary: The 'White Noise' of the title refers to a phenomenon known as EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Listen carefully, believers will tell you, and in amidst the white noise of a detuned radio you might hear voices...and in amidst the white noise of a detuned television, you might see faces. These, they'll tell you, are the voices and faces of the dead.

Our friend got 2 extra "Advanced Screening" tickets to see this movie (it's not public at most theaters until Jan 07), I figured hey, we don't have anything much else to do tonight so we went to see it since it looked good...

Well, we get to the theater and walk in, it looks like it'll be fairly decent... We get our seats (back row, left side) and get comfortable (it's 108 minutes after all).

This is the type of movie that I found out that you should make sure that you empty your bladder before you go to the theater; most of it is left open for what appears to be a sequel, but the parts that are there are enough to make one jump out of their seat...

I myself loved this movie, I want to see it again, in the privacy of my own home, so I can scare the piss out of any unknowing victim that happens to show up uninvited wink ... I would definitely recommend that you all go and see this movie should you have the chance...

Michael Keaton plays the main lead who's wife dies in a supposed car accident; throughout the movie she comes back to help him find out what really happened as well as help others...

Just remember "The voices of the dead are all around you"...
Posted By: Ice

Re: Movie: White Noise (2005) - 01/13/05 01:53 AM

those damn critics on TV all gave this movie a crapy review, 2 thumbs down, 0/4 stars, a sad face lol...

I still want to see it smile
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Movie: White Noise (2005) - 01/13/05 06:35 AM

It's a badass movie, I want to see it again heh... I hated, HATED the ending, that's where most people had their bad reviews based on, but everything else was awesome...
Posted By: EndGame

Re: Movie: White Noise (2005) - 07/06/05 04:53 PM

its out on dvd.
i read ur review.
wet my pants.
u saved me a coupla bucks.

thanks. wink
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Movie: White Noise (2005) - 07/06/05 06:10 PM

rofl, indeed...

See my movie list if you want to watch a good movie...
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