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Movie: Batman Begins

Posted By: EndGame

Movie: Batman Begins - 07/06/05 02:53 PM

Movie: Batman Begins
Rating: 4/5


The film is set before the dozen of batman movies that have come and gone before it and focuses on how batman became.. well, batman.

The city of gotham is examined under a microscope and Bruce Wayne (batman) is seen through the eyes of those closest to him. We learn that batman isnt just about his nifty gadgets and chick-magnet bat-mobile, but we see Bruce Wayne as a person who had to endure much personal anguish and hardship before he became the Dark Knight.

The film is great for those of u who've been living under a rock for the past few years and have never heard of batman, as it explains everything in great detail. However, for those fanatics out there who have an old batsuit collecting dust in ur wardrobes, you will also be pleased as you begin to appreciate the Knight in a new light.

Reviewers Note:

With an all star cast of Morgan freeman, Liam Nielson, Michael Cain, Katie Holmes and (as IceMyst informed me on the Open News board) Christian Bale(batman), Batman Begins sets a solid grounding for what I am sure is to be yet another long line of film sequels.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Movie: Batman Begins - 07/06/05 03:22 PM

I enjoyed this movie quite a bit, as did IceMyst... The only "problem" was that it was a little slow getting started, though if you think about WHY it's slow you can understand why it is so (as it's telling what happened before what's going on)...

I definatley enjoyed how they went about the flashbacks, it was done quite well and to a point where you can't help but remember it during the scenes...

I'd have gone so far as to a 5/5 as its an all around great film.
Posted By: EndGame

Re: Movie: Batman Begins - 07/06/05 03:41 PM

note to perg:

no, katie holmes does not show her titties in this film.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Movie: Batman Begins - 07/06/05 04:37 PM

We can all wish though, can't we? lol
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Movie: Batman Begins - 07/06/05 06:29 PM

Yeah I loved the fact that this Batman movie wasnt done like it was straight out of a flipping comic book. The last one was waaaayyy to cartoonish. This one I was very happy with. I especially liked how Christian Bale looks like Michael Keaton when he has the mask on. laugh
Posted By: EndGame

Re: Movie: Batman Begins - 07/07/05 11:53 AM

correct me if im mistaken, but was it giz or icey that said that they believed Michael Keaton was the best batman to date?

i must admit, i liked him as batman.
george clooney was too sterotyped in his E.R role when he actually took on the post.
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Movie: Batman Begins - 07/07/05 12:54 PM

Both laugh
Posted By: hellotracy

Re: Movie: Batman Begins - 08/17/09 02:31 PM

i was wondering if the voice of Bell was processed or he makes this voice by himself ?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Movie: Batman Begins - 08/18/09 04:27 AM

Well, his voice is pretty musty and all; but at the same time just think of how talking like that would make your throat feel... So I'm really on the fence about that...

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