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PHP and MYSQL opportunity for a few bucks.

Posted By: Testing

PHP and MYSQL opportunity for a few bucks. - 07/10/09 11:29 PM


I am in real estate and so is my wife. Let me explain our dilema and perhaps you have a programming solution.

We currently flip properties. So when we list a property we often get multiple offers from many agents. Once the home sells we have all these offers that are no good. However...

When we purchase another home to flip... Often it is in the same zipcode as a previous property we got an offer on.

What we are looking for is a database solution that will allow us to input our offers and agents info etc.. then when we have a new property in say zipcode 95608, we can search by purchase price, zipcode and whammo we get the info of the offers that would have matched. make sense? If interested please send me an email at [email protected]
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: PHP and MYSQL opportunity for a few bucks. - 07/11/09 04:35 AM

Well, it's not hard to build a database, or an app to connect to said database; both quite simple... The part that may need work is how X zipcode is related to Y zipcode and the logic that links the two...

Would it simply be "Hey dumbass, it's the zipcode minus a digit is X miles" or what?
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