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Need help Learning Web Design Languages

Posted By: bigdawgg180

Need help Learning Web Design Languages - 10/26/09 06:05 AM

Hello i am new to web development and need help with learning web design languages. I have a basic knowledge of HTML but am looking to learn more about HTML along with other web design languages.
Posted By: Hacktheplanet

Re: Need help Learning Web Design Languages - 10/27/09 09:15 AM

The way i learned most of my HTML is just trial and error i would go on web sites right click still the sources then save as a .htm or html and look at the code i changed around and learned that way i took small bites of everything. So that is the best way i found. Then if you need a code for something on a web page just google the code to the object. just in general google codes and put them together... once you learn the basics of html the hard stuff becomes easy... hope this helped... But dreamweaver is amazing to work with if you want something to work with... it does not require you to be very good at coding, or in some cases being good at all.
Posted By: bigdawgg180

Re: Need help Learning Web Design Languages - 10/28/09 11:36 AM

well the thing is i want to learn other languages othe than html and i would lie help with that cause html is pretty easy but other languages can be confusing. I haveused dreamweaver before and like it but would like to learn more raw html.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Need help Learning Web Design Languages - 11/03/09 09:45 AM

Learning plain HTML isn't going to get you far, especially if you're just learning html and not xhtml.

Ideally, you should learn:
xHTML and CSS (the front end, what everyone sees)
PHP and MySQL (the back end, which drives interactive applications)

Then I'd say to get involved in Javascript and AJAX.
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