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flash and links

Posted By: Moffesto

flash and links - 08/29/02 12:38 AM

Im in the process of making links for a page and i wanna make then with flash... liek amenu but i dunno the actionscript for making a link. can anyone help?
Posted By: psychogen

Re: flash and links - 08/29/02 01:48 PM

use dreamweaver it has a option to create ur own flash buttons in with it

and actionscript reference for links is

basic just link it to url:
getURL ("");

with target frame:
getURL ("", "_windowtarget");

possible targets are, _self, _blank, _parent, _top and also ur own javascript named windows!

link with sending variables:
above examples dont send any variables.

getURL ("", "_self", "METHOD");

METHOD can be POST or GET just like html.

hope this helps
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