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Posted By: Ice

PHP Tutorials - 12/09/02 02:34 AM

Well i made a C++ and HTML tutorial so heres some php tutorial sites
If you have good ones and would like to add them please do = )

Gives these lessons
Lesson 1
Installation, basic scripts

Lesson 2
PHP and HTML forms

Lesson 3
Advanced tips

Has some good Tutorials

Has some beginner tutorials

Has some good tutorials Ranks them from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced

Good tutorials Starts from How to Install PHP to Configuring to Making a Web Page with PHP

ahh the famous Planet-Source, Starts from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced, Has some really good tutorials

Also has some good tutorials for newbs (Some pop ups)

Has alot of [censored] on PHP, good site

Ahh a site for Newbs (Pregect if your just learning)

PHP Pocket Reference

A good site (Using Strings and more) A site more for beginners

PHP Faqs (This is HUGE I mean HUGE has alot of Facts)

Well the official sites Manual = )

Well i look for some more, Hope this helps
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