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Posted By: 1Guess

WebHosting - 06/03/03 12:52 PM

[Note from Gizmo]: We do not appreciate your spam, stop it or leave.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: WebHosting - 06/04/03 04:52 AM

I know this is spam (well figure it is anyway) but this dose not seem to be a bad deal. I like the custom feature you have.
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: WebHosting - 06/05/03 07:27 AM

c'mon sin, you don't actually believe this guy right ?
Posted By: §intå×

Re: WebHosting - 06/09/03 04:49 AM

Nah I went to his place and I like that you could opt to give up bandwidth for extra space, or vice versa and other trade offs like that. It was all pre figured and you could order using drop down menues.

It just says he planed it out a bit. I mean spaming isn't the way to get the word out but it was a well thought out ISP.
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