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PHP form data collection and MySQL

Posted By: loanbanker

PHP form data collection and MySQL - 11/22/03 05:00 AM

So heres the deal. I have a form I need people to fill out. When they click the submitt button I would like the info to be written to a file on the server. I am trying to advoid creating a mysql database for the information. Since several different people are going to complete the form, is it possible with PHP to create a script that will not only write the information collected from the form to a file but seperate entries so I can distinguish them later? Or am I stuck with mysql? I appreciate any help. Thanks.

if it helps heres the whole deal. the form is an html form for someone who is interested in refinancing to fill out. Eventually I will be using a MySQL database to store the info however in the mean time I just want to get up and going. I will have several people filling out the form and need to collect the information so it doesnt mix. say sally wants to refi, I dont want her info mixing with Joes information he submitted to me yesterday. I hope this simple but real life example helps. Again Thanks for anyone who can be of assistance.
Posted By: Nem2k

Re: PHP form data collection and MySQL - 11/22/03 06:46 AM

I made a simple code you may use to inspire yourself :


if (!$first) {

echo "<form action='form.php' method='post'>";
echo "First name : <input type='text' name='first'> 
echo "Last name : <input type='text' name='last'> 
echo "Phone : <input type='text' name='phone'> 
echo "<input type='submit'>";

} else {

$file = fopen("$first.txt", "a");

fputs($file, $first." - ".$last." - ".$phone);

echo "Thanks dude";
Don't put the txt files in the same folder of your web server because someone who wants them might access them very easily. Just change everything you need up there, was just showing how to do it.

* Forgot to explain what the script was doing, for those who didn't know. It creates a .txt with the first name you entered. For example, if you entered John as your first name, it'll create John.txt with all the informations you need in it :
First Name - Last Name - Phone Number
Posted By: loanbanker

Re: PHP form data collection and MySQL - 11/22/03 01:22 PM

in fact your code has inspired me! THANK YOU. I really appreciate it. This will assist getting me up and going to try an idea. If it works then I have a different set of issues I will probably need help with. Some problems are good to have. Thanks again.
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