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Posted By: thebluegiant - 03/10/02 10:21 PM

For those that don't know about it this is a great site with a hell of a lot of info on most, if not all of the protocols out there. Links to RFC's, whitepapers, a good link section, just an overall good site if looking for info on a particular protocol or just want to browse around (the index is alphebatized).
Posted By: Le4rner

Re: - 03/11/02 11:54 PM

Yep, it covers X.25 pretty **** good.

**** it even has SMDS

Switched Multi Mega Bit Data Service.

Which has 2 of it's own kinda ping protocols

SIP and DXI! They are even in there. Nice site here man!
Posted By: crazywire

Re: - 06/15/03 04:27 PM

Hey I am a newbie and I need information on all the protocols I need to know please send info and links to my e-mail ([email protected])
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