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Posted By: Ice

HTML Tutorials - 12/07/02 02:28 AM

Well same goes as my post in the C++ Area = )
There isnt really any tutorials in these section so i thought to find some to help people with HTML
Hope this helps some people = )
Simple lessons teaching you the basics of HTML
Simple Lessons also = ) Good for Newbs
Good Site, Has more tutorials for other languages also
Teaches you the basics and how html works
Another good site teaching the Basics for HTML
Advanced HTML For Beginners
Posted By: Jonquiere

Re: HTML Tutorials - 12/07/02 02:52 AM

You got !!!
Posted By: Ice

Re: HTML Tutorials - 12/07/02 05:03 AM

see if people post here more tutorials this would be great for refrences and newbs
Posted By: Ice

Re: HTML Tutorials - 12/09/02 02:12 PM

Well here is a really good one also
Posted By: §intå×

Re: HTML Tutorials - 12/10/02 07:40 AM
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: HTML Tutorials - 12/10/02 12:22 PM

just a note for you 1c3.

Many people here HATE Multiply posts.. i learned that some time ago, so just edit your post if it's related to it.


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