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Full-screen web page

Posted By: black^Pimp

Full-screen web page - 11/10/02 03:36 PM

Hi guyz.

I saw some websites that open in full screen when you visit em, so i was wondering if anyone from you guys knows how that is done ? I mean what kind of code should i use to make my web site open in full screen when someone visits it. You guys have any idea ?

Posted By: BackSlash

Re: Full-screen web page - 11/10/02 03:52 PM

um, F11 changes internet explorer to full screen, i don't know if that helps any.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Full-screen web page - 11/10/02 06:52 PM

There is a script that will do it for IE and netscape. I haven't tried it out myself, just give users an option atleast. When something takes my whole screen up and I can't see my taskbar, I Alt+F4 without waiting.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Full-screen web page - 11/10/02 07:57 PM

<a href="#" onClick="'URL', '', 'fullscreen=yes');">shtuff</a>
make sure it doesn't only work in IE.
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: Full-screen web page - 11/11/02 08:35 AM

BS thanks but i already knew that. And jon your link is pretty helpfull, i do the same thing too.. i just ALT+F4 without thinking twice.
and as usually mostly thankfull to SR.

I'll use this and see if it works correctly.

thanks guys

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