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Posted By: Thebluntman

web pages - 02/17/06 02:03 PM

I was wondering what the best language for making web boards. Currently i only know html and some javascript, besides the language for web boards what would be another one for me to learn that would help me making web pages?
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: web pages - 02/18/06 12:30 AM

HTML (Especially XHTML) is something that forum owners have wanted more and more of from their web forums, especially with CSSed elements (for colors/styles).

Additionally a MySQL/PHP backend is the best option at this time for forums...

Having "plugin" support (for features and the like) is also a good idea as it will allow users to add in features without having to hack existing code.

A few things to steer away from would be Zend or IonCube encoding, if users cannot modify the source for their own needs (features and/or styles) they will not use their product, a few forum solutions tried to go this route and almost ended up dying out completely.

This is Gizmo btw.
Posted By: Thebluntman

Re: web pages - 02/19/06 04:05 AM

What are your board written in? thanks for the info btw
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: web pages - 02/19/06 12:15 PM

This forum is Perl/Flat File based. It should be noted that we're migrating to a PHP/MySQL solution as it'll be less server intensive...

(Gizmo again!)
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