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Your Opinion: The Future Of Web Design

Posted By: BackSlash

Your Opinion: The Future Of Web Design - 04/05/02 02:58 AM

I was just wondering what everyone thought is going to happen to web design in the future. I can't imagine that HTML will be the leading web design method forever. I have talked to some people who say Flash sites will take over, and was just wondering what everyone else thought about this topic.
Let me know.

Posted By: olosoft

Re: Your Opinion: The Future Of Web Design - 04/05/02 03:40 AM

as i see it, HTML will be used from quite some time. however, flash will never take over, i dont think entire sites will ever again consist of one flash movie. i think hybrids are going to stay for a while. html, with some dhtml and flash to give it a lil interactivity. for some reason tho, people are trying to create smaller and smaller site, trying to conserve space. yes that a good idea, load faster, etc. but why all of a sudden now? a few years ago people were creating more graphic intensive sites, and now people are getting faster and faster connections (myself upgrading our home lan to FO this summer :D). well, i guess thats internet culture for ya.
Posted By: Le4rner

Re: Your Opinion: The Future Of Web Design - 04/06/02 03:03 AM

XML is my guess, but it will take time to move everything over.

I think the whole net world will be turned on it's ear in the next few years. with I.P.v6 coming, Browsers are supposed to start slowly moving to XML and god knows what else is comeing out.

Add to the broad band wireless breakthroughs. XML will replace html, that is it's point in life. XHTML is a cross between the 2. Whole Flash sites can work for some people, But not all site can get away with it. It just isn't their nitch. Like flash? look into SMIL also.
Posted By: Scallion

Re: Your Opinion: The Future Of Web Design - 04/19/02 08:25 PM

In my opinion, XML will never take over completely...most likely, browsers will continue to support more and more complex CSS, and from there, images will become more user-friendly than they are now, thus enhancing the graphical side, while scripting creates more dynamic text. And I hate XML.
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: Your Opinion: The Future Of Web Design - 04/23/02 10:47 PM

I think it will take a long time before html dies out, but I think it will happen eventually. I think eventually there will also be a web language that has all the features of the ones we have now, but make it alot simpler. I think it would take a language like this to get rid of html, and I think there are a few that are supposed to be like that right now. I think there will be alot more websites that run server side languages to make the site more useful and easier to create. I think there will probably be a new image type, like gifs only with more colors available. Like 512 or 1024. I think i messed with XML once, whatever it was i ****ing hated it.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Your Opinion: The Future Of Web Design - 04/24/02 12:04 AM

I'm with Scallion. CSS is taking over.
Posted By: Rapture

Re: Your Opinion: The Future Of Web Design - 04/26/02 07:06 AM

Flash is good, but some sites go overboard and can be a headache. It's mainly about finding a good medium between flash/html that works best so far.
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