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question on hosting

Posted By: Testing

question on hosting - 10/07/05 07:50 AM

Currently I am hosting my web site with a company that offers php and mysql. Its costing around 15 bucks a month. I get several email accounts, can check stats etc.

Currently my web site contains simple forms that will be placed in a mysql database via php.

Heres the question. I realized that my mac will work as a perfect host. I have php, and apache. I have hosted sites before on this mac and have never had any issues.

Is it worth saving the 15 bucks a month or so and host the site myself? I like the stats but I figure there are scripts I can write (or borrow till i learn to write) to get the stats.

Is there something im missing? Is there a reason I choose to throw away the cash?

Just wanted your guys input.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: question on hosting - 10/07/05 08:00 AM

Man you're gettin reamed, at HostNuke (where we're hosted) they give you full access to PHP/MySQL and a CGI-Bin with SSH/FTP access, 5GB space and 30GB BW for as low as $7.95 (as high as $9.95)...

I wouldn't however host a site on your personal computer, I mean what if your ISP drops you offline for a while? what if you get popular and you have 0 internet connection? What if you want to use your connection while you have visitors? People shall crawl...

There are however, as previously stated, webhosts well cheaper than what you're flushing down the toilet...
Posted By: Testing

Re: question on hosting - 10/07/05 08:34 AM

Wow! Thanks Gizmo.

Signing up tonight after I get back from sparring.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: question on hosting - 10/10/05 08:00 PM

Security alone I would not host on my box. Hosting is nothing now a days. It is when you get into dedicated servers it costs big bucks, and even then you can make money back reselling space off.
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