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Simple ASP counter

Posted By: Cold Sunn

Simple ASP counter - 04/06/02 06:14 AM

First off, I know I should have researched this more before I posted. I know. And i am researching it at webmonkey, but it is hard to sort through all the information in a quick amount of time. So I might as well ask, but i really don't expect much of a response.

I would like a simple counter in asp. What I would like it to do is for every time a certain page is viewed, it add to a number in a .txt. For example, all the contents of counter.txt be just a number. So that number increases by one every time someone views a certain page. If you know how, please post. If you do not, don't go looking for me. Thanks for any help, and if i do find a simple way to do this, i will post it.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Simple ASP counter - 04/06/02 03:11 PM

So like, ASP is like VBScript, and yeah, VBScript is like VB. And like, I've been doing VB for like ages... so like, I could do a simple ASP counter sure.

Let's see, I THINK this is the ASP tag...
Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set FILE = FSO.OpenTextFile("hits.cnt", 1, True)
HitCount = Val(FILE.ReadAll)
'heh, I dunno if this works:
print HitCount
Set FILE = FSO.OpenTextFile("hits.cnt", 2, False)
FILE.Write HitCount

Well there you have it. I haven't worked with VBScript for months and months so if I made a bug - SCREW YOU... I don't want to look nothing up to confirm anything; I don't want to test it to see if it works. All I'm doing is giving you the general idea, and general code on how to do it. And if it DOES have bugs, then I'd appreciate somebody who works with VBScript/ASP a lot more than I do to shamelessly correct me.

To find reference material on what I did up there, look up the FileSystemObject and the File object, the ReadAll Method, the Write Method, the OpenTextFile Method, and the CreateObject function if you wanna.
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