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PHP form processing troubles.

Posted By: Le4rner

PHP form processing troubles. - 06/08/02 01:22 AM

I am trying to do a form (mostly for prctice) that will e-mail a freind the link to a site. HTML and PHP I have is listed below.

I am a bit lost as to what I am doing wrong.


<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
Your Freinds name

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="name" SIZE="20" MAXLENGTH="30">

Your Name

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="freind" SIZE="20" MAXLENGTH="30">

Their e-mail address

Your message about this site

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="message" SIZE="50" MAXLENGTH="90">

<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Send it!">



mail ("$email", "$name... $freind wants you to check this site", "$message !n !");
Posted By: Le4rner

Re: PHP form processing troubles. - 06/08/02 02:36 AM

Okay I got it sort of working, but when I get the e-mails it shows [email protected] (My ISP) as the return address. I wana have it so the sender puts in their e-mail (ha ha ha yea right) and it lists that as the return address. anyone able to help with this?
Posted By: olosoft

Re: PHP form processing troubles. - 06/15/02 02:56 AM

hmm, i dont know how this sendmail thing works, but when i was playing around with SR's anonimailer which uses winsock and [censored], i couldnt get it to send any emails becuase nowadays most prohibit relaying. but when i finaly found a server that worked it also did the same thing with my IP in the email address. so i tried a few other servers and i finaly found one that displayed the from address like i wanted.

basicaly, i think its how the server handels the from address and it varies depending on the server. if you can figure out how, try to change the server that sendmail uses. here are a few servers that i found support relaying and display the from address correctly:
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: PHP form processing troubles. - 06/15/02 03:17 AM

SendMail is for linux heh... Its a lot easier to use than smtp hehe...

basically you tell it what you want and you do it, i mean you reged your nick and got an email from Gizmo[at]undergroundnews[dot]com do you really think that i sent every one?
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: PHP form processing troubles. - 06/15/02 01:11 PM

ya, I think my anonimailer announces itself as localhost. It doesn't give it's IP, but the recieving SMTP server may record it anyway. I didn't realize that not all servers did this.
Posted By: Le4rner

Re: PHP form processing troubles. - 06/17/02 07:53 AM

I got it working now. There where some headers I had to include. But now you can heh, tell it what e-mail address you are sending from and who to e-mail, type in a message....

Bada bing it's out there. Pretty cool actualy. I knew how to spoof e-mails in telenet... Now I have a progy that makes it easier.....

Nah, actualy I have mine set up as a send your buddy a link to this site script.

If anyone abuses it I can easily track them down. Plus you can find out what server a e-mail came from just buy looking at the full header of an e-mail.
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